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Rocket Repro

Rocket Reprographics is a full service digital and analog photo lab. We specialize in Actors Headshots, Musicians Promo Prints, Fashion Models Portfolio Printing, and Professional Photographers Film, Print and Digital Services.



While we await a change in momentum from the Covid-19 closures, we will be condensing our work week to 4 days. Rocket Repro will be open from 9am-6pm Monday thru Thursday and closed Friday. This is only temporary as we intend on resuming our full schedule very soon. As this is mainly impacts our walk-in customers, our online print ordering is still running 24/7. Thanks for your understanding and support.

  The Rocket Reprographics Staff


What about the quality of Rocket Repro?
Rocket Reprographics prints all repros, business cards and post cards on photographic paper to achieve the highest level of image quality.

Why use Rocket Repro over a regular photo lab?
Rocket Reprographics specializes in providing reprographic printing of head shots and promotional photos. In doing so we can offer lower repro prices and higher quality then other photo labs. Also, since this is our specialty we have a unique understanding of the quality standards casting directors and agents demand.

Why use Rocket Repro mail order service outside of Canada?
Rocket Reprographics provides repro services to several customers in Canada, USA and abroad. We have a fast turn around time and reliable delivery of our quality products through UPS.

Need to quickly upload a file to us?
No problem, just contact us and we’ll send you the link to our quick uploader!