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Rocket Repro

Rocket Reprographics is a full service digital and analog photo lab. We specialize in Actors Headshots, Musicians Promo Prints, Fashion Models Portfolio Printing, and Professional Photographers Film, Print and Digital Services.

Having been a regular and exclusive client of Rocket Repro for 20 years has enabled me to not only get BEST reproductions ever but also the rock on service that anyone could ever dream of getting! Martin and his crew are true professionals, they get the job done fast, efficiently and well, what can I say, they got me lots of auditions and jobs! Thanks Rocket Repro – you are truly amazing!!!

Kiara Hunter, Actress, Singer
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Everyone, Martin, Katie , John etc.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness , patience and professionalism. You did an excellent job on my headshots. They look even better than the original headshot that I sent you. Thanks very much for everything. I will certainly recommend you to all the actors I know. Have a wonderful summer!

Evy Kartus, Actress
Montreal, QC

I’ve been dealing with Martin and his staff at Rocket Repro for almost 20 years. For actors headshot printing Rocket Repro is absolutely the best lab in Canada.

Gavin Buhr,
ACTRA Fraternal Benefit Society

I’ve been utilizing Rocket Repro’s service for nearly 20 years. I’ve had the good fortune to work internationally – often meeting producers & directors for the first time – on set, so its important my headshots be something I’m proud of, as well as an honest & accurate representation of what I look like.

To this end, Rocket Repro been consistent in providing the best quality possible to me; their staff are always happy to accommodate my demand for detail, quality and aesthetic.

Veena Sood,
Vancouver, BC

Hello Everyone at Rocket,
I just want to send my appreciation out to everyone involved in coordinating and producing my most recent headshots 8 X 10s and cards. I’m very happy with the final results, and the amount of attention that was spent at all levels!!! THANK YOU

Abbottsford BC

There are few reliable businesses that stand the test of time while still upholding strong values through business conduct and recognizable personality within the entertainment industry. Rocket Repro has provided a solid backbone for artists residing and visiting Vancouver for many years. The impecable services that they continually provide are nothing short of brilliance. I have found it impossible to not smile proudly at the result of every business interaction with the creative team of gifted people behind Rocket Repro.

Josh Hinkson

Dear Martin,

I cannot thank you enough. I love the headshots, they are perfect. I had used a different company for a different shot and they came out terrible—much too dark. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to help me make the right decision.; I love the quality and we will absolutely use your company again for additional copies/new headshots next year. Thank you!!!

Antonia Nedder
New York, NY

I’ve been a client with rocket repro, since way back in the very early nineties and I keep coming back because Martin promises to put my picture next to Eric McCormacks, I know that soon that day will come. Seriously though, Martin and his staff treat you not only like a valued customer, but also as a friend, to me its old school business, feels like you’re part of the neighbourhood, and the quality of the work holds up to anything I’ve seen in L.A, thanks Martin.”

Stevie B
Vancouver, BC


I have been a using Rocket Repro for my headshots and business cards for years now. Recently I placed a re-order with the delivery address to the apartment where I was living in Calgary.

A few weeks went by and somewhere along the way the order of approx 100 prints didn’t make it to me. I called Rocket and confirmed that they were in fact printed and mailed out. Rocket took it upon themselves to track down the prints and discover what happened. Not only that; in the meantime, they immediately printed off a dozen prints at no charge to me and couriered them to my agent so I wouldn’t be without headshots.

They ultimately discovered that the prints were lost in the post and re-printed a batch for me and handled the details of the lost prints themselves.

No other place have I ever had such high quality headshots and business cards made up for such a great price, and it’s refreshing to find a company that still believes in customer service.

Jason Cermak,
Calgary, AB

I have been lucky to have experience with Marty and the gang at Rocket from the vantage point of having been both an actor and a professional photographer. I came to Rocket as an actor. I had had my shots done many times by that point and had many a print made. Some were good, some simply god-awful! Rocket’s prints were spectacular. Simply that. Their process actually involved thought on behalf of the printer. Borders, text choices, contrast, all of these things are in the control of the person printing and Rocket never failed me.

As a photographer, that’s when you find out just how good a lab is. I traveled quite a bit in my career from Vancouver to LA, the maritime provinces and back. I tried labs everywhere I went and couldn’t find a lab to compare with Rocket. Truly. To the point that I wound up sending my negs (see how far back we go, I was using FILM) to Marty and having prints shipped all over hell and creation! And my clients loved them! Rocket’s prices for a proper photographic print compared to crappy lithos in LA and the quality blew them out of the water.

I walked through Rocket’s door 16 years ago, and even though time, and circumstance, have taken me far from their doors, the gang at Rocket, and Marty most of all, has kept me coming back from wherever I am because of their outstanding quality, the remarkable service and prices that never seem to change.

If you are a photographer, or a person looking to have prints made, I am truly pleased for you. For you have found yourself here, at Rocket Repro, and in no better hands could I wish for you to be!

Stephen Sisk, Actor/Photographer
Vancouver, BC

Outstanding quality and attention to detail. That’s why I’ve used Rocket Repro for my head shots since 1992

Parm Soor
Vancouver, BC

I am retired from the RCMP and have dabbled in the film industry for the better part of 20 years. I started using Rocket Repro for my first audition and have continued to do so ever since.

All cliches aside about service and quality, Rocket Repro delivers the goods that get results.

The business card headshot has also been a great addition to the service and has proven a great asset in this competitive industry.

William L. Marshall
Regina, SK

I believe there has never been anyone to rival Rocket. Rocket consistently sets the industry standard for headshots and commercial print reproductions in Vancouver; providing fast and efficient service to its clients.

Allison Warren
Vancouver, BC