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Rocket Repro

50Rocket Reprographics is a full service digital and analog photo lab. We specialize in Actors Headshots, Musicians Promo Prints, Fashion Models Portfolio Printing, and Professional Photographers Film, Print and Digital Services.

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Jason Cermak Testimonial


I have been a using Rocket Repro for my headshots and business cards for years now. Recently I placed a re-order with the delivery address to the apartment where I was living in Calgary.

A few weeks went by and somewhere along the way the order of approx 100 prints didn’t make it to me. I called Rocket and confirmed that they were in fact printed and mailed out. Rocket took it upon themselves to track down the prints and discover what happened. Not only that; in the meantime, they immediately printed off a dozen prints at no charge to me and couriered them to my agent so I wouldn’t be without headshots.

They ultimately discovered that the prints were lost in the post and re-printed a batch for me and handled the details of the lost prints themselves.

No other place have I ever had such high quality headshots and business cards made up for such a great price, and it’s refreshing to find a company that still believes in customer service.

Jason Cermak,
Calgary, AB