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Rocket Repro

Rocket Reprographics is a full service digital and analog photo lab. We specialize in Actors Headshots, Musicians Promo Prints, Fashion Models Portfolio Printing, and Professional Photographers Film, Print and Digital Services.



While we await a change in momentum from the Covid-19 closures, we will be condensing our work week to 4 days. Rocket Repro will be open from 9am-6pm Monday thru Thursday and closed Friday. This is only temporary as we intend on resuming our full schedule very soon. As this is mainly impacts our walk-in customers, our online print ordering is still running 24/7. Thanks for your understanding and support.

  The Rocket Reprographics Staff

Stephen Sisk Testimonial

I have been lucky to have experience with Marty and the gang at Rocket from the vantage point of having been both an actor and a professional photographer. I came to Rocket as an actor. I had had my shots done many times by that point and had many a print made. Some were good, some simply god-awful! Rocket’s prints were spectacular. Simply that. Their process actually involved thought on behalf of the printer. Borders, text choices, contrast, all of these things are in the control of the person printing and Rocket never failed me.

As a photographer, that’s when you find out just how good a lab is. I traveled quite a bit in my career from Vancouver to LA, the maritime provinces and back. I tried labs everywhere I went and couldn’t find a lab to compare with Rocket. Truly. To the point that I wound up sending my negs (see how far back we go, I was using FILM) to Marty and having prints shipped all over hell and creation! And my clients loved them! Rocket’s prices for a proper photographic print compared to crappy lithos in LA and the quality blew them out of the water.

I walked through Rocket’s door 16 years ago, and even though time, and circumstance, have taken me far from their doors, the gang at Rocket, and Marty most of all, has kept me coming back from wherever I am because of their outstanding quality, the remarkable service and prices that never seem to change.

If you are a photographer, or a person looking to have prints made, I am truly pleased for you. For you have found yourself here, at Rocket Repro, and in no better hands could I wish for you to be!

Stephen Sisk, Actor/Photographer
Vancouver, BC